Cure Diabetes with Raw Ladies finger

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Cure Diabetes with Raw Ladies fingerDiabetes is a common ailment in people all over the world.These days we get to hear that small children are also diabetic and they need to maintain their health with lot of restrictions in diet.

For few people the sugar levels are high and they need to take insulin to maintain sugar levels. People with diabetes needs to go thru’ lot of pain and expensive treatment with regular medicines. Here is some good news, Ayurveda recommends a natural method to bring down sugar levels. Ladies finger is the vegetable that has proven great results in reducing diabetes. Ladies finger is known as okra, bhendi, vendakaya or bendakaaya.

Simple method to control diabetes using ladies finger

Ayurveda treatment for curing Diabetes with Raw Ladies finger.Here is a simple tip to control diabetes with Raw Ladies finger.

Cure Diabetes with Raw Ladies fingerTake two raw ladies finger, wash them. Cut the ends of the ladies finger and slit the ladies finger lengthwise without separating the 4 slits at the broad base. Immerse the ladies finger in a glass of water. Cover the glass such that the ladies finger gets immersed. Leave it overnight. In the morning remove the ladies finger from the water and drink the water on empty stomach. The water will be slimy with the addition of the mucilage sticky content of ladies finger. Repeat this method for 2 weeks and then do a sugar test and check sugar levels.

Ladies finger has Soluble Fibers and fight kidney diseases

Soluble fibers are very important to keep your kidneys healthy. They play their role in digestion of carbohydrates. Lady finger is enriched with soluble fibers. Digestion process is slowed down and hence lowers the sugar level in blood. For some individuals the kidney gets affected with high sugar. Prevent deterioration to your key organs by adapting this simple method in your daily routine. Include ladies finger in your menu too. Okra helps in lowering the blood sugar level by blocking the absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract.

Watch outs while starting this natural remedy at home

You can complement this natural remedy even if you are on medication. Follow strict diet control. Regularly exercise and maintain health. Remember, the ladies finger natural remedy is a blessing in disguise therefore do not bypass your diet and exercise regimen. Studies have confirmed the benefits of ladies finger with extensive data and proven results. Okra is considered a nushka in treatment of diabetes naturally. Maintain a consistent approach and keep diabetes at bay.

It is generally observed that after following a good treatment people skip all the control methods and complain that the levels have gone high. Therefore do not get tired, follow systematic approach. All roads to healing require constancy, patience, and discipline. Lower Sugar levels and lead a healthy life.

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Having Breakfast daily helps Weight loss

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Having Breakfast helps Weight lossBreakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. During our childhood days our parents never let us skip a breakfast session. Once grownup and independent skipping breakfast is a norm. The trend with working people is they have time for everything, extra dressing but do not have time to spare 5 minutes for breakfast.

The work environment and eating habits develop obesity. It is recommended to have breakfast – mandatory. People also believe that skipping breakfast will ensure losing weight. It’s the other way round. You infact gain weight and develop lethargy. People who skip breakfast saying’, it is too early’ actually eat snacks and aerated drinks to fill the appetite.

Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean dieting, it refers instead to eating sensible, balanced amounts of the right foods at the right times – and that includes a good breakfast.

Here are top reasons why you should have breakfast daily to aid weight loss.

  • Break the fast: Truly breakfast means ‘Breaking the fast’. Breakfast can make or break a diet, because breakfast helps set the tone for the rest of the day. Your body responds to not eating for long hours by slowing down it’s metabolic rate. By eating breakfast, you wake up your metabolism and get your engine humming, burning those calories you need to burn to lose weight.
  • Eat more, Weigh less. Research has shown that people who have breakfast, have a better chance of losing weight. Main reason being when you are hungry you end up eating more than the normal meal required. It kick starts the body into producing the enzymes needed to metabolize fat, helping to shed the pounds.
  • Be alert -have breakfast. Breakfast helps you wake up. Studies indicate that people who eat breakfast are more alert and do better on tests than people who skip breakfast. Conversely, a hungry child can be apathetic, disinterested, and irritable when confronted with difficult tasks. Breakfast is the key.”
  • Eat Breakfast like a king. Include fruits, foods that add fibre content , calcium for  your bones. People do prefer toasted bread and egg or fruit juice to satisfy their appetite. Eating a good breakfast keeps you full for longer and may make you less likely to reach for snacks.
  • Have Breakfast and be in good moods. Studies indicate that people who have breakfast tend to be in good moods. You start in the right way by having breakfast. By having breakfast in the right time you can plan for having lunch on time and plan on the meal too.
  • Skip breakfast-Setting a bad example to kids. Kids role model their parents to a great extent. Make breakfast a habit, make it a light one and set a good trend for your children they will imbibe the habit.
  • Breakfast makes your machine run faster. Avoid dessert and chocolates during breakfast, you are consuming high levels of sugar and fat.
  • Healthy eating- Basic necessity. Be careful while selecting breakfast  items that make your day.
  • Avoid Breakfast –You develop health problems. People who eat breakfast are 50% less likely to have blood sugar problems. Consequently, they have a decreased risk of developing diabetes or having high cholesterol levels which could lead to heart disease.

In India general preference is Idli, dosa, upma,chapathi,paratha,appam and the weight conscious people have switched over to Oats, cereals and corn flakes. The key to successful weight loss is a combination of regular exercise, healthy eating and a positive mind. There’s no point working out five days a week if you’re going to give in to temptation and consume pizzas and oily food when you get home.

This is the main reason why people have said for many years that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. After six, seven or eight hours – if you’re lucky – of sleep, your body and brain need some fuel to power and prepare them for the day ahead. Like a car, you can’t run on an empty tank, you need some petrol.

The rule is simple: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied.