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keezhanelli-the plant in your garden cures jaundiceWhen you take a stroll along your garden or backyard you get to see these short plants, fresh looking with yellow flowers and  tiny berries underneath the leaves. You can observe these plant in wet areas and paddy fields. Therefore the name Keezhanelli  meaning berries beneath the leaves. The English name is Stone breaker or Seed under leaf. The Botanical name is Phyllanthus Nururi.

Entire plant ( Root, stem, leaf ) is having medicinal value and the whole plant is used in Ayurvedic formulation. Traditionally it is given as paccha marunna to treat jaundice

Keezha Nelli cures disease like jaundice / hepatitis, Stomach pain, Urinary diseases, over heat, period problem, skin disease. Research on this herb proves that, it can cure cancer and reduce sugar content in our blood. It also takes care of the effective functioning of Liver.

Pacchamarunna is a poultice of Keezhanaelli stem and leaves, cumin seeds, tender castor leaves. It is grinded to a paste , mixed with fresh milk and 2 to 3 tspns are given twice a day. You need to take it very early in the morning before the sun’s heat is up and after sunset. The mixture is bitter and you will have difficulty in consumption. You can take ¼ tsp of sugar or misri (organic rock sugar).

Following are the symptoms to understand individual has jaundice:

  • The white portion of eye turns yellowish, skin turn yellow and the urine is deep yellowish. (Sometimes when you take antibiotics also yellow urine is observed, do not be mistaken).
  • the individual also complains of nausea , vomiting and stomach pains.

A simple test can be done at home in the following way – collect the early morning urine after you wake up from bed into a transparent glass or plastic mug. Put a handful of cooked rice into it and let it remain for an hour’s time. Drain the urine into closet and check the color of the rice. If rice has absorbed the urine and has turned to yellow then it is confirmed as Jaundice.

Conduct a blood test too and only then inform the status to the Vaidyar administering paccha marunna. The dosage and strength is determined based on the severity of the present health condition.

There are few conditions you need to strictly adhere to while taking the medicine:

  • You should follow a strict diet (pathyam). Usage of tamarind, katta  or sour items, ghee, oil, spicy food, pepper is not allowed. You can have fresh curd rice ans steamed vegetables.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is prohibited as it will have negative impact on the kidney.
  • The individual should be committed to the conditions to avoid any variation. Keep snacks and edible items away from the individual having jaundice. This will minimize the temptation to savor food.
  • The individual who has jaundice is asked to rest and not conduct any physical activities like running, jogging, working under hot conditions. You should not go out in the sultry time.
  • A jaundice is contagious it is advised to keep the patient in a separate room. Separate clothing, plate, spoon, glass etc should be maintained such that it is not affect the other family members.
  • You need to bath twice a day.Gradually the concentration gets flushed out with consistent medication and diet control.
  • After a week’s medicine you need to do blood test and check the level of jaundice. You can be assured that jaundice will be cured with this paccha marunna.
  • The patient should not take non-vegetarian food till 3 months for maximum benefits. This diet control will remove the problem completely and there will be no re-occurrence.
  • You will gain good health and resume normal activities.

There are other medicinal benefits too.

Keezhanelli is effective in curing scabies and psoriasis: Apply a paste of Keezhanelli and turmeric powder on the affected areas on the skin. Let it remain for an hour’s time and then take a bath. You can see the difference after a few days of application.

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  1. admin says:

    We suggest you to consult a medical practitioner / Ayurveda vaidyar . Get your health examined to understand the level of problem.
    Take care of your health.


  2. Harasu says:

    Does Keezhanelli with Moru and Turmeric powder help in patients with stage C Liver Cirrhosis with Liver Scaring? Please Advice. Thanks. Harasu, Malaysia.

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