Cure Diabetes with Raw Ladies finger

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Cure Diabetes with Raw Ladies fingerDiabetes is a common ailment in people all over the world.These days we get to hear that small children are also diabetic and they need to maintain their health with lot of restrictions in diet.

For few people the sugar levels are high and they need to take insulin to maintain sugar levels. People with diabetes needs to go thru’ lot of pain and expensive treatment with regular medicines. Here is some good news, Ayurveda recommends a natural method to bring down sugar levels. Ladies finger is the vegetable that has proven great results in reducing diabetes. Ladies finger is known as okra, bhendi, vendakaya or bendakaaya.

Simple method to control diabetes using ladies finger

Ayurveda treatment for curing Diabetes with Raw Ladies finger.Here is a simple tip to control diabetes with Raw Ladies finger.

Cure Diabetes with Raw Ladies fingerTake two raw ladies finger, wash them. Cut the ends of the ladies finger and slit the ladies finger lengthwise without separating the 4 slits at the broad base. Immerse the ladies finger in a glass of water. Cover the glass such that the ladies finger gets immersed. Leave it overnight. In the morning remove the ladies finger from the water and drink the water on empty stomach. The water will be slimy with the addition of the mucilage sticky content of ladies finger. Repeat this method for 2 weeks and then do a sugar test and check sugar levels.

Ladies finger has Soluble Fibers and fight kidney diseases

Soluble fibers are very important to keep your kidneys healthy. They play their role in digestion of carbohydrates. Lady finger is enriched with soluble fibers. Digestion process is slowed down and hence lowers the sugar level in blood. For some individuals the kidney gets affected with high sugar. Prevent deterioration to your key organs by adapting this simple method in your daily routine. Include ladies finger in your menu too. Okra helps in lowering the blood sugar level by blocking the absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract.

Watch outs while starting this natural remedy at home

You can complement this natural remedy even if you are on medication. Follow strict diet control. Regularly exercise and maintain health. Remember, the ladies finger natural remedy is a blessing in disguise therefore do not bypass your diet and exercise regimen. Studies have confirmed the benefits of ladies finger with extensive data and proven results. Okra is considered a nushka in treatment of diabetes naturally. Maintain a consistent approach and keep diabetes at bay.

It is generally observed that after following a good treatment people skip all the control methods and complain that the levels have gone high. Therefore do not get tired, follow systematic approach. All roads to healing require constancy, patience, and discipline. Lower Sugar levels and lead a healthy life.

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