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benefits of drumstickThe drumstick is a vegetable that is commonly available in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Grown as a backyard tree in most homes, the drumstick tree has small white flowers, small and round leaves and drumstick like pods. Known to have several curative properties due to its antibacterial and cleansing properties, the drumstick is also cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Drumsticks are a very good source of calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus and carotene. Even the flowers and leaves are used in everyday cooking for the high levels of nutrients in them.

The botanical name of Drumstick plants is Moringa oleifera . Drumstick plants are extensively cultivated commercially in the sub tropical, tropical and semi arid regions of the World. Drumsticks are in great demand due to its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Drumstick Cures Cardiac Diseases
It cures this disease by consuming leaves or drumstick. You can cook them using different ingredients in different dishes.

Drumstick Reduces Cancer Level
Continuous consuming of drumstick and its leaves reduces the chances of developing cancer by 80% and it has been proved ladies who are victim of breast cancer heal fast from this sickness.

Drumstick Increases Bone Density
After consuming drumstick regularly for two months it has been proved that it increases density of bones. This is very good for growing up kids.

Drumstick Increases milk production

Drumstick fruit is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. It can be used during pregnancy. Leaves, flower and buds are good when consumed. It improves milk flow in lactating mothers.

Drumstick as Resistance to Cold and Viral Fever
As Drumstick is rich in vitamins, it improves the immune system which helps body to fight against the foreign virus which makes person sick.

Drumstick Reduces Intestine Tumor or Ulcer
Intestine tumor or ulcer can be reduced and many experiments have been done in past which was positive in reducing size of ulcer by just providing drumstick extract.

Drumstick Reduces Infection on Skin Diseases
As drumstick has toxin free agents, it also helps in reducing bacterial infection on skin. Application of roots paste gives relief from severe itching.

Drumstick Reduces Impotence
Drumstick extract and flower consumed with milk with nutmeg (jatifal) improve the function of ovaries and reduce the impotence due to which person can copulate and release healthy sperms to start a family life. It also helps ladies to improve the function of ovaries to release healthy eggs.

Drumstick Improves Vision of Eye and Retina
It improves the vision of eye also clears the toxins from the retina which increases the life of retina.

Drumstick Reduces Ladies Period Cramps
Drumstick leaves soup when taken continuously for 21 days, it changes the cycle of period in ladies which helps in reducing the cramps.

Uterus Fibroid
It reduces the size of cyst on uterus; hence it helps in reducing the pain below the naval in ladies. in some rural areas in India, this technique is practiced by middle aged woman’s to reduce the pain in abdomen.

Asthma, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis
Person has to prepare the soup from leaves of Drum stick twice a day and consume fresh soup. This will help to make lungs strong removes the toxin from the lungs which are deposited because of cigarette smoking or heavy industry air pollution.

Drumsticks are Beneficial for Brain Injury
Drumstick and its leaves are very beneficial for all sort of head injury. Even doctors recommend patients to have this after going through operation on brain.

Drumsticks Improves Digestion problem
After consuming the leaves and drumstick for particular period of time, it helps internal organ to function properly. As kidney liver function improves, it helps intestine to improve the quality of gastric juice. This helps in digestion problem.

Drumsticks Reduces Diabetic Level
Few experiments were conducted in 1982 on 36 diabetic patients in TamilNadu. Out of which 30 people showed positive result of reducing sugar level in blood.

Drumsticks Makes Gall Bladder Healthy
It helps in improving the function of gall bladder, which help diabetes people to reduce the sugar score. People who are not diabetic , it helps to keep the gall bladder healthy.

Drumsticks Cures Arthritis
This tree works much better than expected in curing Arthritis.

High acidic Urine (Diuretic)
Remove the extract from drumstick leaves or best way to grind leaves in carrot juice and consume 300 ml every 6 to 10 hours. Also start the toxin free process to flush out bacteria or virus from the body. It gives good result. In few days time acid in urine reduces.

Drumsticks used to reduce Pimple, Black heads, skin complexion
Drumstick leaf extract mixed with lime juice can be used to reduce the pimples & black heads. It gives a smooth complexion.

Diarrhea, dysentery
Half cup drum stick leaf extract, one spoon honey with one cup coconut water helps healing with from the sickness.

Drumstick improves Nervous and Immune system
It has been proved in past that continuous consumption of drumstick help person improve the immune system and also seen that person is quite healthy without getting any cold or viral fever. Slightly increase in blood hemoglobin has been also reported lately.

Drumsticks can be used to cure severe health conditions faster, they should not be used in place of a proper medical treatment.

In spite of all the drumsticks benefits mentioned above, an excess in consumption of this vegetable and other plant parts can be quite harmful. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a medical practitioner or a dietician before adding any excess amount of drumsticks to a regular diet.

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