Gargling Salt water in the Morning Improves Health

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Hey…this happens to be my 100th post.

Gargling salt water improves dental healthA huge thank you to all of you, yes… you who are reading this post!

I cannot begin to express how delighted I am to have people interested in what I have to say, and how lovely it is to get feedback and encouragement from someone I never met in person! Blogging has helped me grow and all of you have too. I have in small ways tried to share my experiences and also health tips on various ailments as a preventive method only. Hope you liked my articles. Thanks for helping me get this far. Looking forward to our continued association, and please do support me in this journey.…

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Gargling salt water in the morning improves dental health

Gargling of the mouth is called Gandusha. Regular gargling of the mouth early in the morning improves dental health and prevents many ailments of the mouth and teeth. Mouth gargling with salt water (lukewarm) is popular done when people are having sore throat .This is a very old home remedy practiced to address sore throat issues. The primary cause of tooth decay is bacteria and this simple oral health technique will improve dental health.

How gargling with Salt water helps you

Gargling salt water improves dental healthGargling with salt water initiates the process of Osmosis. There is a natural tendency for a substance to move from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration. This means that even water moves from its region of abundance to its region of shortage. Since salt water is more concentrated (less water) than the contents in your mouth (including any germs in there), when you gargle with it, it tends to draw water out of bacterial cells (which have more water in them). All cells are over 70% water and require water to function effectively and hence survive. If the salt water is concentrated enough, it will kill most germs in the mouth and some from the throat. The brine solution considerably reduces the swelling caused by the bacteria. For an effective cure the process must be repeated more often.

There is clear evidence that many diseases and conditions are influenced by the mouth’s ecology and bacteria. As we all know, the mouth is the gateway to the body. When you consider the fact that a clean mouth may have between 1,000 and 100,000 bacteria on each tooth, and those that do not have a clean mouth may have between 100 million and a billion bacteria on each tooth, surely salt water gargling will be effective.

How to Gargle with Salt Water

Salt water solution not only relieves the irritation caused due to sore throat, it also clears the nasal passage. Advised to follow on an empty stomach. Given below is the method to prepare this therapeutic saline solution.

☞ Measure 2 cups of water into a vessel which had a lid.Gargling salt water improves dental health

☞Heat it to lukewarm temperature

☞Add 1 tsp of salt to this water and mix until it is diluted.

☞Now gargle with a mouthful of this salt water and spit it out. Repeat this procedure several number of times to clear the infection and its symptoms.

** Please remember not to make the solution too concentrated with salt as it can dehydrate the mucous membranes in the process of dehydrating the bacteria.

To reap the benefits of gargling salt water, you must adopt it as a regular habit. This serves as a preventive measure for throat and mouth-related infections. Besides, it is advised to follow other personal hygiene habits like brushing teeth before going to bed, drinking a glass of warm water prior to bed time.

Gargle with Plain Water

Gargling with plain water is advised after meals to remove hidden particles between tooth and under the tongue. Gargling will minimize the smell of food consumed to a large extent. Few people also use mouth fresheners to prevent bad breath.

You may have observed that you rigorously gargle after brushing the teeth to remove all remnants of the toothpaste, foam.

Ayurveda approach on Mouth Gargling

Ayurveda practitioners recommend gargling of the mouth with lukewarm water removes Kapha, loss of taste, dirt, diseases of the teeth and gives lightness of the mouth. In addition to plain water gargling, there is a particularly good daily habit that benefits all people, especially Vata types, called Gandusha Snehana (oily mouthwash or oil pulling). It helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and keep the mouth and jaw clean and nourished. It can even treat mouth ulcers and the like. I’ll give an update about this in my next article.

Ayurvedic Tips for Balanced Living – Beneficial Daily Routines

  • Rise before the sunrise.
  • Drink a full glass of water ( room temperature or lukewarm water).
  • Clean your face, mouth and nasal passages and gargle with salt water.
  • Do some light yoga or stretching exercises.
  • Meditate for 20 minutes.
  • Take a walk or run for ½ hour, 3–4 times per week.
  • Have a nutritional breakfast according to your body type.
  • Have a relaxing or complete meal at lunchtime between 11–2 pm.
  • Relax for ½ hour after lunch.
  • Meditate before dinner for 20 minutes.
  • Eat dinner before 7:00 pm. This should not be a heavy meal.
  • Allow two hours after your dinner before going to bed.
  • Bedtime 10:00–11:00 pm.
  • Wind up with a Prayer to thank God.

You can reap maximum benefits by following this routine and bring a change in your lifestyle. Thank you once again for all the support you have extended for completing my 100th post.

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