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What is honey?

Honey is a sweet, dense sugary compound made by bees. This  compound of honey consists of properties in varying proportions of glucose, water, fructose, oil and unique enzymes produced by bees. The initial step in building honey begin when field bees fly from flower to flower gathering the sweet fluids or nectar that is available in a flower. The field bees suck out the nectar with their tongues and store it in bags enclosed by their bodies. After filling their bags with these sweet juices, the field bees fly back to their bee hive and empty the stored nectar into the mouths of house bees.

These house bees are apportioned the job of adding on enzymes from their bodies to the nectar. The enzymes functions which cause the water in the nectar to evaporate-thereby transforming the nectar into honey. Finally, the nectar is stored in a cell of a honeycomb. Overtime, the nectar develops and becomes honey.

Honey has been in use for the benefit of human beings since as long as 2500 years and that too all across the globe. The qualities of honey are mentioned in the Ayurvedic text-book of Sushruta Samhita.

Honey in its raw form is pure and doesn’t require any kind of additional flavors. It is one of the best sources of energy. Honey when consumed with different natural products such as milk, fruit juices and others can really help in treating various diseases which include asthma, cough and many more. Listed below are  some of the ayurvedic benefits of honey.

Ayurvedic benefits of honey

In weight loss: Honey when mixed with warm water and consumed can prove beneficial for people who want to lose weight. In the same manner, honey when consumed with lemon juice with cinnamon also contributes heavily towards weight loss.

In reducing cough: Honey when mixed with ginger juice provides immediate relief from cough and cold and opens the congestion in the chest.  It also cures sore throat. Honey helps decrease nighttime coughing and enhances better sleep.

In controlling high Blood Pressure: One tsp of honey when consumed with one tsp ginger juice every morning and in the evening can really bring down high blood pressure.

In reducing Cholesterol: Make a paste of honey with cinnamon powder, you can eat it regularly by spreading it on bread or chapatti instead of jelly and jam. This combination of honey can help to reduce the cholesterol in the arteries. It may be also lower the possibility of a heart patient suffering from a heart attack

For Arthritis treatment: Massage the paste of honey with lukewarm water in a ratio of 1:2 and add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder. slowly onto the painful region of the body. It has been found that the pain had a decrease within half an hour or two. Patients can daily intake honey in the following ratio and find relief.1 cup of water and 2 tspns of honey or mix honey and cinnamom powder and consume it.

As a heart tonic: Honey can also be used as a very good tonic for the heart. This is because it nourishes the heart muscles and enhances their functions thereby resulting in overall well being of the body.

In curing asthma: A mixture made up of ginger juice, black pepper powder and honey when taken at least three times a day can really help prevent asthma attacks and cure asthma.

In improving eyesight: Carrot juice when taken with honey can really help to improve the eyesight. Take this mixture one hour before having your lunch.

In boosting immune system: Daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and guards the body from germs and viral attacks. Daily use of honey strengthens the white blood atoms to fight against bacteria and viral diseases.

In reducing fatigue: Honey have primarily properties of fructose and glucose, as a result a result  it’s quickly absorbed by the digestive system. Honey is a unique and natural stabilizer .Take honey with cinnamon powder in equal quantities.

Benefits of honey:

  • source of vitamins and minerals, source of energy
  • healing of wounds especially burns. Heals faster
  • reduction of fat
  • blood purification
  • improves skin complexion and moisturizes skin
  • good antiseptic: can be applied directly on scars and pimples.
  • improves appetite

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