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how to grow wheat grassDue to the overwhelming reports on the health benefits of Wheat grass, many are curious to know how to grow them.

It is very easy to grow wheatgrass at home. By harvest time you can also juice the wheatgrass. It grows all round the year. You can use very little place. Your balcony sill is the ideal choice.

Benefits of Wheatgrass:

  • It boosts the hemoglobin production. Rebuilds the bloodstream.
  • Helps in healing the wounds, cuts, burns. Apply poultice.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Cleans the liver. Good detoxifier
  • Purifies the blood in the entire body. Doubles red blood count
  • Anti aging property, aids beauty treatment
  • It is economical and hygienic to grow and juice the wheatgrass at home.

For planting wheat grass, select plastic trays or clay pots about 8 to 10” in diameter and height about 3 inches.

  • Wash and soak good quality wheat grains overnight in to grow wheat grass
  • Next day spread the grains in the pots containing soil approximately 2.5 inches high..
  • Cover the wheat grains with a thin layer of soil. Maintain space between the grains. Do not add chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Keep away from the attack of birds.
  • Darkness helps the grains to sprout quickly.  Cover the pot with a newspaper or cloth and leave it for 2 to 3 days.
  • Sprinkle with a little water to dampen the soil. You will start to observe the green leaves coming out.
  • Stop covering the pots now.  Water the plants lightly.
  • Provide sunlight. Leave the plants in sunlight.
  • Water the plants daily.
  • In seven to eight days time the wheat grass has grown sufficient enough i.e 8” tall.
  • Cut the grass blades with a scissor. Leave ½ inch plant above the soil surface. The grass will grow back in a week’s time.

Only two harvests is allowed with a sowing. After the second harvest crush all the roots and it is time for the next sowing. The harvested wheat grass is ready to be juiced.

You can keep wheat grass safely in refrigerator for five to six days keeping the same in foils. It will still retain its nutritional value. It is ideal to manually grind the leaves in a stone grinder with a pestle. Chop the grass blades and add little water gradually as you keep grinding and filter the paste thru a clean cloth. Your wheat grass juice is ready to consume.

how to grow wheat grassThe wheat grass juice should be consumed within 30 minutes of preparation. You can also consume juice by chewing the grass . A mouthful of grass is sufficient. Chew till the juice is extracted and the cud becomes white. Do not swallow the cud as it is difficult to digest. A healthy person can take ¼ cup daily, recommended early in the morning.

It is not advised to grind the wheat grass in a mixer or blender as the rapid blade movement oxidizes the chlorophyll and will make the wheatgrass useless . You can maintain the harvest time and the sowing such that you can get the grass all round.

It combines well with apple, carrot , beetroot, spinach leaves, lemon .

Organic wheatgrass powders and juices are an extremely effective way of boosting the body’s immune system to fight against and recover from illnesses and ailments. Wheatgrass is a great source of beta carotene, contains most of the B vitamins and vitamins C, E, H and K, and also contains over 90 different minerals and 19 amino acids. It also contains several active enzymes which play a major role in breaking down fats, undertaking biological functions and assist hugely in weight loss.


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