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The eyes are one of the most beautiful and precious of our senses. We can never get a pair as replacement. Eye is one of the most important body parts in human body. Eyes are responsible in act of vision in humans. With the aid of our eyes we are able to see the things around us and perform our daily activities with great ease. Any disruption in the functioning of eyes leads to great difficulty and discomforts. Many general precautions should also be taken, Ayurveda for instance suggests avoiding reading in inadequate lighting settings and, of course, avoiding watching TV for a long period of time.

Drishti dosha is the name for defective eyesight in ayurveda. This can be caused due to various factors such as nervous disability, diabetes, excessive smoking and alcohol intake. Age related defects can also lead to problems with eyesight.

.Ayurveda advises to take care of health while in a healthy state. As the famous proverb quotes,” Prevention is better than cure”. You can maintain perfect eyesight for most part of your life by following some simple remedies.

  • Every morning after waking up, fill your mouth with water, close the eyes and sprinkle water on them about 10-15 times. Be sure, as Ayurveda advises, to wake up before sunrise. Do not use hot water to wash the eyes.
  • Do not wash the eyes or face when the body is sweating, especially after hard physical exercise or after being exposed to heat and sun.
  • Carrots have good quantity of vitamin A which proves to be one of the useful natural treatment for enhancing your eyesight.
  • Consuming good amount of apple and grapes helps in improving your eyesight.. Cucumber juice does wonders for your eyesight as it tries to improve it immensely.
  • Staying up late in the night and sleeping after sunrise is harmful for the eyes. In case of staying up late, drink a cup of water after each hour or half hour.
  • Protect your eyes from dust, smoke, strong sunlight and strong wind. Avoid staying long in such conditions. In case you have to stay, blink often and massage the closed eyes gently with your palms.
  • Try to maintain regular and clean bowel movements. Constipation weakens the eyesight. In addition; too much anxiety, mental stress, grief, anger and worry are harmful for the eyes.
  • Amla a very common herb to improve the eye sight.
  • Addition of spinach in your diet is beneficial. It purifies your blood, increases the hemoglobin and improves your eyesight.
  • Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Vitamin A is directly responsible for the strength and power of the eyes. Hence, foods that are rich in vitamin A must be taken.
  • Drink four to five liters of water daily.
  • Yoga and pranayama are great exercises to improve eyesight.

Regular eye exercise maintains perfect eyesight. A few simple exercises:

  • Move the eyeball – right and left; upwards and downwards and rotating it in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
  • Place a object in front of your nose . Take it forward and backward repeatedly. Keep observing the object to and fro with both the eyes.

By using palming which can be stated as a revised version of the thousand-year-old yoga tradition known was Hatha Yoga. It relieves strain and stress from your mind and eyes which needs the required break. For this you have to warm your hands by rubbing them together vigorously. Once it’s warm cover the eye without touching the eyelids. This relaxes the nerves and helps in blood circulation.

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