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Ayurveda is the science of knowledge that balances life through diet. Our body type plays a key role with the diet we take. Any imbalance, even minor changes will lead to problems. You will observe differences in your health patterns. You need to have a proper routine in place with a consistent approach to stay fit and healthy. Follow the simple steps of Ayurveda for Good Health.

Ayurveda schedule for the day:

Ayurveda Tips for morning

SIMPLE STEPS OF AYURVEDA FOR GOOD HEALTHWake up with the sun to stay fit and healthy. Brush your teeth. If possible massage you teeth and gums with sesame oil. Gargle with lukewarm water mixed with salt. After this drink a glass of lukewarm water. Release toxins from your body – Empty your bladder and bowels to release toxins and waste from the body.

Plan for some early morning exercise. Ideal time for walking as the dust is low due to less traffic. Do yoga and meditation as per your preference. Do not skip breakfast. Eat healthy breakfast.

Massage your body with lukewarm oil. Select the oil as per your body type: Pitta-Coconut oil, Vata-sesame oil, Kapha-almond oil. After 20 to 30 minutes take bath.

Ayurveda Tips for Mid-day

Schedule your lunch between 12 noon to 1 PM. Take a 5 mins break after lunch, sit quietly. After this take a small stroll i.e app 100 to 120 steps. This will help in easy digestion. Advised to take a short nap 15 to 20 mins in the afternoon to avoid oversleeping in the morning.

Ayurveda Tips for Evening

Meditate before the sun sets. All religions gives a lot of importance to evening prayer. Have a meditation session for 15 to 20 minutes i.e give rest for the entire body.

Take your dinner before 7 pm .Avoid oily and heavy food at night. Have a light meal. Phulkas, porridge or upmas are ideal.

Ayurveda Tips for Night
Do not watch TV for a long time at night. Avoid any kind of mental stress like fight or action during this time. Reading is a good habit. Listen to light and calming music. This will have a soothing effect on your mind. Go to bed before 10 PM. There should be a gap of atleast 3 hours after your last meal and the sleeping time. Take a small stroll after dinner.

Those who have difficulty to sleep can have a bath with ayurvedic herbal oils. A lukewarm water bath is ideal as you can make your body muscles relax and have a nice nap. You will be active in the morning. A good night’s sleep has many benefits. You will look young and be ready to face your daily routine with confidence.

Natural Ayurveda Health Tips to Stay Fit

  • Drink warm water through out the day. The frequency of water intake is important than the quantity. Take small sips if water every half an hour.
  • Eat when you are hungry. Avoid junk food.
  • Avoid watching TV or reading when you are eating. Sit calmly and in a relaxing posture while eating your meals.
  • Your daily routine should consists of either walking, yoga, meditation.Simple steps of Ayurveda for good health
  • Oil massage has a soothing effect for the body. Take an extended oil massage on holidays.
  • Ayurvedic massages are important for the balance of body, skin and mind to release harmful chemicals
  • Eat fresh food to the maximum possible. If you plan to eat out, select food counters with good demand as they serve fresh.
  • Schedule for cleansing of your body at every season change. This is done by skipping the regular food for approximately 40 days. During this period very light diet eg: Kitchari with lots of warm water is recommended. This increases the digestive power.

There are plenty of benefits in Ayurveda. You can keep health problems like over weight, Blood pressure and Diabetes at bay.Natural methods are recommended to maintain fit and healthy. You can include your views in the comments for including points missed out.

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