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Are the tiny red moles on your skin cancerous?Have you been noticing tiny red dots surfacing on your skin at various places? Is the red dot on the skin constant or is it varying with time?  Is the red mole dangerous or linked to cancer? These are questions that keep bothering the moment we see a new development in the body. Do not panic. Here are a few answers to the questions that go through an individual’s mind the moment they see or feel anything new in the body.

The red dots appear a bit off-red, or bright dark pink. These are called cherry angiomas and are completely harmless. They are blood vessels above the surface of the skin, come with age, and will never become a problem. Angiomas are also called hemangiomas, and they can be flat, then raise up into bumps over time, but most lesions have the same bright cherry red color. Angiomas will not disappear.

Few causes for red moles to appear are atopic dermatitis or Psoriasis. These skin conditions can create little red dots or spots on the skin. The red moles appear on body parts that has more exposure to sunlight.

Moles are normally caused by an abnormality in the melanin within the skin although some people are born with moles. Melanin makes the pigment which is what give your skin its color. Generally moles do not itch or burn.

Not all red moles are cancerous, but some of them are signs of melanoma. You can ascertain a red mole is dangerous if it changes size or shape, especially when it is exposed to the sun for a period of time. If your red mole does not change its shape or size, you can forget it.

If you begin to see red moles on your skin that fluctuate in shape and size (especially when in contact with sunlight), go to a dermatologist immediately. The best chance when fighting cancer is to attack it early. The appearance of a red mole causes concern as it is a new development and you will be frequently asked for its presence. They look like pimples rather than a beauty spot.

At times the mole is prominent and you feel awkward. There are various ways to remove red moles if you are conscious and concerned of the position on the skin. Technology had advanced and you can consult any dermatologists to confirm and assess the skin . You can opt for surgical removal or laser surgery. It is painless and requires less time too. You can do this in a skin specialist clinic itself. The red mole area will be numbed and the red mole removed. A few days of medication and your skin is back to normalcy.

There are some over the counter medications too for application. Never do self diagnosis and buy medicines on your own. Do consult a skin specialist and clarify your doubts and based on prescription proceed for treatment.

If your red mole never changes its shape or size, you can forget it as long as it doesn’t bother you.

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