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how to correct memory dosorder problems in childrenIt is usually observed that children are suffering from memory disorder problems. They sit to study and read all the lessons and when the child is asked during the next revision, they are unable to answer. The child tend to forget critical formulas and definitions.

Parents are worried over all the effort. You may have approached your doctor to understand if this a serious issue. The child goes through un-ending torture with reminders and they start losing confidence over themselves.

Here is a solution for this problem. You can cure weak memory or memory disorder problems by following this treatment methodology.

Strong memory power depends on the health and liveliness of the brain. Sharp memory is required for students, working professionals to excel in their jobs and work streams irrespective of age.

It is generally said that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but when it comes to the brain, scientists have discovered that this saying does not fit. Human brain has an amazing ability to adapt and change, even at old age.  This ability of the human brain is known as neuroplasticity. The brain’s wonderful ability to reshape itself holds true when it comes to learning and memory.

There are various ways to improve memory:

how to correct memory dosorder problems in childrenTake 6 to 8 almonds ( badam) in the evening and put them into a glass of water. Peel off soaked badam the next day early in the morning and grind them to make a paste. Add 200 ml of milk into the almond paste and boil for at least 10 minutes. To this mix sugar and Ghee ( optional). Drink when it gets cold enough .

This is an ideal drink to get rid from weak memory, Cerebrasthenia or short term memory etc. You can have this almonds milk drink regularly and improve energy too. To observe a significant change you need to continue this drink for 40 to 50 days and you feel the improvement in memory power.

The associated requirements to improve your memory are:

  • You need to have good rest. Sleep well to rest your body from physical and mental activity .
  • Eat a balanced diet. Consume diet with more carbohydrates .
  • Do exercises and keep your body in shape. Meditation is ideal as it relaxes body and mind and rejuvenates you to face the day.
  • Do brain exercises also like answering puzzles, games and word building such that you are in constant touch with numbers and words.
  • Keep away from stress. Be lively, have fun and keep away from tensions.
  • Laugh and reduce the frowns and keep yourself active.
  • Share your problems with close and dependable friends. Discuss and share your concerns.

Tips for enhancing your ability to learn and remember :

Pay attention to the activities happening around you. You should not get distracted. You need to register the happenings in your mind in form of a sequence or connect it to smells, colors and places. You can improve your memory thru’ innovative plans and actions like remembering the answer with abbreviated code words.

Memory, like muscular strength, requires you to “use it or lose it.” The more you work out your brain, the better you’ll be able to process and remember information. The best brain exercising activities break your routine and challenge you to use and develop new brain pathways. Try these time tested solutions and you will be able to witness the change in your dear ones.


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prevent foot odorFoot odor is a major concern for many. In summer shoes stink of foul smells and it becomes impossible to have a meeting or even walk beside a person with foot odor. You can interpret the face expressions of those who are annoyed when the place is stinking . You better avoid feedback , worst case the person totally avoids you.

Basic cause of foot odor is sweat. Sweat combines with the harmless bacteria that live on the skin . When the environmental conditions are warm and damp the bacteria on the feet multiply and break down into foul smelling by- products. The conditions worsen when you wear shoes that prevents air circulation and synthetic socks that keeps the feet closed without absorbing the sweat.

At times the bacteria will overgrow and will lead to blisters on the feet or between the toes. You need to be extremely careful with the selection of foot wear and the socks. You can keep your feet smelling fresh by following these tips:

  • Wash your feet as soon as you finish working out. To prevent the growth of bacteria keeping your feet clean and dry .
  • If you can’t shower right away, rub your feet with antibacterial wipes or cloths containing tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic and astringent.
  • Keep toe nails short, because bacteria can collect underneath. Rub diluted tea tree oil on your feet and thoroughly on toes/nails after showering. Tea tree oil kills foot fungus and smells nice too.
  • Check your feet for any signs of fungal or bacterial infection, and treat any symptoms promptly.
  • If your feet are excessively sweaty, try using an antiperspirant on your soles.
  • Use odor-fighting insoles, like Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X insoles, which contain charcoal and baking soda to neutralize odors.
  • Air out your shoes for at least a day before you wear them again, especially sneakers and boots. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.
  • Sweaty feet and shoes that don’t allow air circulation can lead to fungus and bacteria breeding inside your shoes and socks. These germs can cause an embarrassing odor when you remove your shoes. Wear shoes made of breathable materials, like canvas, leather or mesh, and avoid plastic or nylon shoes.
  • Wear thick, absorbent cotton socks with shoes. Opt for moisture control socks. Change socks daily. Avoid socks made of synthetic material. For closed shoes always wear socks, even if it is for a short duration. Sweat that collects in the shoe creates foul smell later.
  • Apply on your feet daily a non-medicated powder, like baby powder or foot powder.
  • Salt water can dry out your skin so if you wash your feet in it then you can reduce the moisture of your feet and that will reduce their tendency to get stinky fast. When you are done with your shower, soak your feet in a solution of lukewarm salt water. Don’t rinse it off; merely wipe it off with a towel and let your feet dry fully before putting socks on.
  • Soak your feet in tea that has attained normal room temperature.  The tannic acid present in tea works effectively on feet. Black tea is best although green tea works as well.
  • Ginger, radish and lemon are all good products for creating a foot scrub that will truly cleanse your feet. Do this once or twice a to prevent foot odor
  • If you need to wear the same shoe in a row then sprinkle talcum powder inside the shoe. An ideal alternative will be corn starch or baking soda.
  • Place crumpled newspaper inside damp / wet shoes , paper will absorb moisture and foul smells keeping them dry overnight.
  • After a bath, wipe your feet with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol 70%) available in medical store. It will prevent bacteria growth.
  • Minimize food like garlic, onion, pepper if you perspire a lot. These food items stimulate your sweat glands and thus resulting in sweaty and stinky feet.
  • Stress and anxiety increase production of sweat, later on causing unpleasant body and foot odor. Practice relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to keep away stress. A relaxed mind gives a healthy body.

Ayurveda recommends the following home remedies to keep away body and foot odor.

  • Immerse foot in Neem leaves water for 20 mins, frequency once a week. It has anti-bacterial property. Use neem soap available in the market.
  • Extract juice of radish or turnip . Apply this on your foot and let it dry.
  • Use cotton swabs dipped in Vinegar to wipe your feet and under arms too. The foot will be free of bad odor throughout the to prevent foot odor
  • Soak your feet for 20 minutes in a basin containing lukewarm water , salt and herbal ingredients as recommended by the Vaidyar.
  • Extract tomato juice. Add ½ cup of tomato juice to a bucket of bathing water. You can keep body odor at bay too.

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HOT water bath damages natural softness of skinDry skin makes an individual look dull and overall unkempt due to lack of moisture. Wrinkles are seen all over the body. Well hydrated skin gives a healthy look, person also feels confident as there is nothing to shy away. Skin is the reflection of a person’s health, balance of body, mind and soul.

According to Ayurveda, dry skin is caused due to Vata Dosha. When Vata dosha increases in the body it makes the skin dry and wrinkled.

Causes for increase of Vata dosha in the body:

  • Irregular food habits.
  • Controlling natural urges like urination, passing stools, hunger, thirst ,etc
  • Excess physical and mental exertion.
  • Insufficient sleep and varying patterns, Staying awake for longer durations at night.
  • Consumption of oily foods
  • Exposure to cold and dry climate.

 Natural tips to take care of your skin

  • Hot  water should not be used for bathing. Warm water that transfers the water temperature from cold to room temperature is sufficient for bathing and cleaning the skin.
  • Use soft towel or cotton towel to pat the skin dry. Do not rub the skin with rough cloth or towel.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and soaps. They will remove the natural oils present in the skin and make it dry.
  • Apply and massage your skin with a moisturizer. Moisturizer will balance the upper layers of skin and make it look soft and smooth. Recommended to apply immediately after bath as the skin is slightly moist.
  • Avoid alcohol based cleaners as the skin will become dehydrated.
  • Massage your skin prior to bath with coconut oil.
  • Avoid oily and junk food. Follow a balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals and carbohydrates.
  • Practice yoga or meditation for having a pleasant mind and keep away from stress.
  • Massage your skin with herbal oil. It softens the dry skin, provides lubrication to the skin too.

People suffering with skin ailments and diabetes should be extremely careful in checking dry skin areas for any deep cracks.  Dry and cracked skin harbors microbes which cause fungal infections. Dry skin is common for those suffering with hypothyroidism, eczema,  psoriasis etc…

Methods to prevent dryness of skin:

    • Preferably drink warm water ( 7 to 9 glasses). This will decrease vata dosha problem.
    • Avoid hot water for bathing. Regular usage will damage the skin and the skin will lose all moisture .
    • Use face pack that improves skin softness. Mix honey, egg white, olive oil and rose water and leave it for 20 mins on face. The skin softness will improve.

  • Aloe vera is a good moisturizer. Few are sensitive to natural gel from the leaf , they can go for the products that are available Over the Counter (OTC) in medical stores.
  • Use pH balanced soap to avoid dryness of skin .
  • Drinking water or soft water is ideal for washing the face as the skin of face is very sensitive.
  • Protect your skin from extreme climatic changes like cold and heat.

As you grow old the skin looses its capacity to retain moisture. You can take a little effort and maintain your skin.


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keezhanelli-the plant in your garden cures jaundiceWhen you take a stroll along your garden or backyard you get to see these short plants, fresh looking with yellow flowers and  tiny berries underneath the leaves. You can observe these plant in wet areas and paddy fields. Therefore the name Keezhanelli  meaning berries beneath the leaves. The English name is Stone breaker or Seed under leaf. The Botanical name is Phyllanthus Nururi.

Entire plant ( Root, stem, leaf ) is having medicinal value and the whole plant is used in Ayurvedic formulation. Traditionally it is given as paccha marunna to treat jaundice

Keezha Nelli cures disease like jaundice / hepatitis, Stomach pain, Urinary diseases, over heat, period problem, skin disease. Research on this herb proves that, it can cure cancer and reduce sugar content in our blood. It also takes care of the effective functioning of Liver.

Pacchamarunna is a poultice of Keezhanaelli stem and leaves, cumin seeds, tender castor leaves. It is grinded to a paste , mixed with fresh milk and 2 to 3 tspns are given twice a day. You need to take it very early in the morning before the sun’s heat is up and after sunset. The mixture is bitter and you will have difficulty in consumption. You can take ¼ tsp of sugar or misri (organic rock sugar).

Following are the symptoms to understand individual has jaundice:

  • The white portion of eye turns yellowish, skin turn yellow and the urine is deep yellowish. (Sometimes when you take antibiotics also yellow urine is observed, do not be mistaken).
  • the individual also complains of nausea , vomiting and stomach pains.

A simple test can be done at home in the following way – collect the early morning urine after you wake up from bed into a transparent glass or plastic mug. Put a handful of cooked rice into it and let it remain for an hour’s time. Drain the urine into closet and check the color of the rice. If rice has absorbed the urine and has turned to yellow then it is confirmed as Jaundice.

Conduct a blood test too and only then inform the status to the Vaidyar administering paccha marunna. The dosage and strength is determined based on the severity of the present health condition.

There are few conditions you need to strictly adhere to while taking the medicine:

  • You should follow a strict diet (pathyam). Usage of tamarind, katta  or sour items, ghee, oil, spicy food, pepper is not allowed. You can have fresh curd rice ans steamed vegetables.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is prohibited as it will have negative impact on the kidney.
  • The individual should be committed to the conditions to avoid any variation. Keep snacks and edible items away from the individual having jaundice. This will minimize the temptation to savor food.
  • The individual who has jaundice is asked to rest and not conduct any physical activities like running, jogging, working under hot conditions. You should not go out in the sultry time.
  • A jaundice is contagious it is advised to keep the patient in a separate room. Separate clothing, plate, spoon, glass etc should be maintained such that it is not affect the other family members.
  • You need to bath twice a day.Gradually the concentration gets flushed out with consistent medication and diet control.
  • After a week’s medicine you need to do blood test and check the level of jaundice. You can be assured that jaundice will be cured with this paccha marunna.
  • The patient should not take non-vegetarian food till 3 months for maximum benefits. This diet control will remove the problem completely and there will be no re-occurrence.
  • You will gain good health and resume normal activities.

There are other medicinal benefits too.

Keezhanelli is effective in curing scabies and psoriasis: Apply a paste of Keezhanelli and turmeric powder on the affected areas on the skin. Let it remain for an hour’s time and then take a bath. You can see the difference after a few days of application.

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ajinomoto added i food leads to cancer and mental retardationAjinomoto or MSG (Monosodium Phosphate) is a taste enhancer, it is added to make dishes taste better. Ajinomoto or MSG is used as an ingredient to enhance the natural flavors of foods such as meat, poultry, soups, stews, salads, gravies, seafood, snacks, noodles and vegetable dishes. People get addicted to the taste of these flavored dishes like noodles, pizzas, burgers ,fast food stuff like manchurians and they do not enjoy homemade food.

ajinomotto added i food leads to cancer and mental retardationYoungsters love fast food and they indulge in parties, treats and slowly depend more on such food. The effects are observed in people who regularly intake fast foods. Obesity is a major issue and is intense with teenagers and children even

Ajinomoto doesn’t have a specific flavor of its own. MSG looks like salt and is made up of water, sodium and glutamate. Glutamate is an amino acid that is used to make proteins in food and our body. Glutamate itself is also found naturally in foods such as milk, wheat, corn, green peas, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Ajinomoto harmonizes well with salty and sour tastes. MSG is added to foods before or during cooking. The general guideline mentioned for addition of MSG is ½ a teaspoon to ½ kg of meat or ½ kg of vegetables. Ajinomoto is added in higher quantities to remove the aged feeling of canned food and make the cold food taste better. The truth is increased addition of MSG will not improve the taste either. It is going to have severe negative effects on health.

Ajinomoto tricks your tongue and makes you feel a fifth taste called “Umami”. MSG is an anti-appetite suppressant. You will crave for more food with this taste.

Few people sensitive to MSG will show the following symptoms:

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Headache, Migraine
  • Breathing problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Tingling and/or burning sensation
  • Chills and shakes
  • Feeling of pressure on the face
  • Pain in the face, back, neck or chest

These symptoms will be observed on a temporary basis for about 20 minutes after eating food containing Ajinomoto and may last for 2 hours also. If you consume foods containing Ajinomoto on an empty stomach or drink alcohol at the same time, the symptoms will appear faster and the individual will suffer severely.

Long term effects result in cancer and tumors as Ajinomoto is a carcinogen which aids in causing cancer and tumors . The number of cases reported for cancer have increased as people have drifted to fast food culture. MSG also causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome which makes the individual suffer as they will become sensitive to food prepared at home too.

Long term effects of regular intake of Ajinomoto :

  • Affects Immune system : Ajinomoto itself is not an allergen but affects immune response by stimulating it or causing damage to the Nervous system.
  • Nervous system : Over stimulate Nervous system and damage myelin sheath leading to disorders like Multiple sclerosis
  • Damage Brain : Ajinomoto in high doses cross the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) and damage the Brain cells. Recent study also claims that regular intake of Ajinomoto linked to Alzheimers and even genetic mutations.
  • Thyroid dysfunction : Ajinomoto have a direct action on Hypothalamus which in turn affects Pituitary and Thyroid gland.
  • Obesity : Individual is inactive and impacts blood circulation
  • Diabetes Mellitus : Excess Ajinomoto may over stimulate Pancreas and lead to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Loss of Vision : Damage Retina and loss of vision may occur due to over dose of Ajinomoto.
  • Breathing Problems, Asthma: Conditions will aggravate
  • Fluctuations in BP : Either too low or very high BP may be seen as a side effect.
  • Cardiac problems like Palpitation, Irregular Heart Beat etc.
  • Gastric upsets like Vomiting, Diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc.
  • Cancer, Tumors

There is a need to strictly monitor the food intake. Be alert while purchasing frozen food, canned foods, sauces and other food products , read label to check if it contains Ajinomoto. FDA insists that products should display the ingredients, it is mandatory. Be extra careful while buying imported food products . In USA and Canada the situation is more stringent and Ajinomoto must be listed on the label.

Strictly avoid MSG added food for children below 2 years as it retards their growth. Dieticians believe an unhealthy diet lacks in calorie content and is highly unhygienic and can cause diseases like mental retardation, decreased IQ level, asthma, a running nose along with itchy eyes. It is a myth that fast foods are rich in calorie. They are not balanced diet and do not contain carbohydrates, protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals.

Your family’s health is in your hands. Choose a healthy and balanced diet.


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discourage facial hairFew individuals are blessed with a pretty face without marks and facial hair. Excessive facial hair is embarrassing especially for teenagers . The individuals who are having excessive facial hair can try these homely tips for controlling facial hair growth.

Gram flour (besan) is an excellent ingredient to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin. It is traditionally used in India for beauty care . Besan is available in every kitchen and therefore can be used in larger quantities too. Women at home usually powder Chana dhal, rice and turmeric separately and mix the powders as per requirement prior to use.


  • Mix Gram flour ( besan) and rice flour in a 2:1 ratio with water into a thick paste and apply on the face. Do not apply on the eyebrows, eye lids, lips. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. The paste should dry for better effectiveness. Wash your face when the paste is dry. This routine can be followed once a week and you will observe the facial hair growth has been controlled.

The popular methods recommended is waxing which is not suitable for sensitive skin. Plucking is very painful and can cause scars on skin. Ayurveda recommends a painless and practical simple method to get rid of unwanted hair.This home remedy can be done alternatively.
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Option 2:

  • Grate a raw potato and extract juice. Soak Chana dhal overnight and grind to a coarse paste. Add both ingredients and apply on face and scrub well. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash your face. You can see the difference after 2 to 3 schedules. Facial hair growth will be minimized. There are no side effects and can be easily at home.

Tips for dark arms and neck:

People shy to wear sleeveless or short arm clothes due to dark under arms. You have been wearing high neck clothes to avoid feeling embarrassed with your dark skin on neck. The neck area is dark especially where the chain comes in contact with the skin. You can try the following home remedies to remove darkness from your under arms and neck area.

skin massage for dark underarms and neck areaStep 1: Apply Til oil (Sesame oil or Gingelly oil) and massage it on the skin of under arms and neck area for 5 minutes. Wash off. Ideal time is before a bath.

  • Frequency: Daily

Step 2: Apply gram flour ( besan) , curd (yogurt) , lemon juice and a little turmeric . Apply this paste on the under arms and the dark areas on your neck, leave it for 30 minutes. Wash off and wipe off all moisture. Apply til oil on the same areas and massage your skin for 5 mins.

Frequency: Three times  a week

You can wear clothes with different neck patterns and be confident as your neck skin is not dark any more.

Tips for smooth and bright skin:

You need to schedule this homemade remedy prior to bath.

Step 1: Apply Til oil and massage it on the skin.

smooth and glowy skin face packStep 2: Mix 1 cup of Gram flour ( besan) , half cup of rice flour, 4 tsp curd (yogurt) and ½ tsp turmeric powder into a thick paste . Add water to help make a paste and apply on the skin all over the body. Leave it for 30 minutes. The paste can be washed away  during bath. This application will help remove dead cells , leaving your skin smooth, shiny and bright. You can include 4 to 5 powdered almonds (badam) in the paste for glowy skin.

  • Frequency: Once in a fortnight

You will receive lots of admiration for your new look. You can follow the home remedies and bring a great change in your personality.