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natural ways to remove stretch marksStretch marks are caused by various reasons like sudden weight gain, losing weight, hormonal changes, puberty , pregnancy and when an individual strives for muscle building. This is experienced by few individuals only. It is very embarrassing as you need to change your dress styles, you are very conscious about stretch marks in different patterns and dark colors. Such marks tend to affect regions around abdomen, breasts, thighs, and upper arms.

Stretch marks occur due to stretching, pulling and tearing of the dermis – skins middle layer . During pregnancy itching of skin especially on the tummy is very common. It is believed that the baby within is having thick hair. Avoid scratching skin, situation will worsen with more marks. After pregnancy when skin shrinks the stretch marks become predominant. The absence of collagen fiber also results in stretch marks for few. Initially it will be in reddish or purple color and gradually fade away with time after delivery.

Stretch marks affects the skin only , there is no other health issues. Since everyone desires to look their best here are a few home remedies to follow.

  • Start paying attention to your skin at the early stages only. You need to apply a good moisturizer containing Vitamin E. Almond oil can be applied as Vitamin E adds to the development of elastin and collagen content of the skin, thereby serving to ease the stretch marks.
  • Lavender oil  and cocoa butter are also effective for minimizing stretch marks caused during pregnancy and lactation too.
  • Try herbal alternatives, massage the affected areas regularly with oil extracts from wheat gram and olive , very effective for speedy easing out of stretch marks.
  • Folic acid prescribed by most gynecologists during pregnancy and lactation also contributes majorly towards healing stretch marks.
  • Regular moisturizing the skin during pregnancy will benefit to keep stretch marks far away.
  • Oats is a natural scrub which minimizes stretch marks. Soak Oats for an hour and scrub over the areas
  • Aloevera is rich in salicylic acid .A combination of olive oil and aloe vera in equal quantities is a good scrub and helps in removal of stretch marks.
  • Remember stretch marks will totally fade away for a lucky few and will appear less significant for the people affected .
  • To avoid itchy feeling of your skin take warm water bath and gently massage with oil. This will create a cover and you will get relief.
  • Avoid usage of chemical creams and tubes to minimize stretch marks. The skin may react to these products and you will have irreparable damage of skin.
  • Food rich in zinc, Vitamin C, protein and Vitamin K , serve to repair stretch marks. Thus citrus fruits, nuts, fish, milk, large helpings of green salad should be consumed abundantly to help ease stretch marks.
  • Drink good quantity of water to keep body hydrated. It helps keep skin moisturized and minimize stretch marks.
  • A home remedy for stretch marks goes as follows. Mix a pinch of turmeric in 10 ml of pure coconut oil. Apply this on stretch marks. The same remedy is recommended by ayurveda acharyas.
  • Application of kumkumadi lepa or kumkumadi taila also helps to reduce the stretch marks.

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