What is the Right time for taking Thyroid medication

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ideal-time-for-thyroid-medicationMost of the thyroid patients do have this query in their minds as to what is the right time to take thyroid medication. The query is if the medication has to be taken early in the morning or just before bedtime. Still further few more have asked if thyroid medication can be taken on an empty stomach or if the medication can be accompanied with coffee / breakfast.

The fact is that most of the thyroid patients are already going through a stage of high stress and low confidence what with several problems surface associated with the imbalance of hormone level.

For best results the right time to take thyroid medication is early in the morning. The thyroid medication has to be taken on an empty stomach so that it can absorb properly. Coffee and breakfast will stop the absorption from happening to its full potential. You need to wait for at least 30 minutes before you consume coffee and an hour before breakfast.

Remember you need to wait for at least 4 hours before taking calcium or iron tablets, which can interfere with thyroid hormone absorption.

Medication normally prescribed for thyroid hormone replacement are thyroxine/ thyronorm/ eltroxin/levoxyl tablets etc. The dosage will depend upon the last medical reports and diagnosis by the Endocrinologist.

What Should Thyroid Patients Do?

To ensure you take your thyroid medication religiously, place the bottle in the kitchen or in a prominent place such that you start the day by gulping the tablet with a glass of water. I place the thyroid medication bottle beside the bed such that as soon as I wake up I take the tablet and then proceed for my daily schedules.

  • Avoid eating for at least 60 minutes after taking medication. Preferably avoid high-fiber foods that can interfere with thyroid medication absorption. Several studies have indicated that having coffee or expresso at the same time or shortly after taking thyroid medication can significantly lower the absorption of the thyroid medication.
  • One study published in the journal Thyroid mentions, the reduction of absorption of the medication typically ranged from 23% to as much as 55%.
  • Follow consistency for medical examination. Quarterly tests are recommended. Check TSH levels in your blood and consult the physician for any change in dosage of thyroid medication.
  • Ideally thyroid patients should periodically test for Sugar levels too if the thyroid problem has been diagnosed for more than 5 years. There is a correlation and high chances of becoming diabetic patients especially if it runs in the family. Be cautious about your diet and check periodically. 

Suggestions for Thyroid Patients

  • The recommendations by researchers are clear, you need to wait at least sixty minutes after taking thyroid medication prior to drinking coffee or tea.
  • And if that is not possible, then the thyroid patient may discuss with the Endocrinologist if the medication can be taken before bed time. Some studies have shown that taking thyroid medication at bedtime may improve absorption. This change in time will also allow a thyroid patient to have a morning cup of coffee without concern for interference with thyroid medication.

Recommendations by Ayurveda

  • Eating goitrogenic foods such as rapeseed, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, maize, lima beans, soya and pearl millet should be limited. These foods contain natural goitrogens, which are chemicals that cause the enlargement of the thyroid gland by interfering with thyroid hormone synthesis. Cooking is known to make the goitrogens elements less effective, but it would be wise not eat these foods raw. Include foods that contain iodine, such as kelp, beetroot, radish, parsley, potatoes, fish, oatmeal and bananas.
  • Another important factor in the treatment of hypothyroidism is exercise. Exercise increases tissue sensitivity to the thyroid hormone, and stimulates thyroid gland secretion. An exercise regime of between 15-20 minutes per day benefits hypothyroidism. This exercise needs to be strenuous enough to raise the heartbeat, such as walking, swimming, running and cycling, except in the case of who have joint pains and can lead to risk of ligament injury.

It’s important to note, however, that any time you are finding it difficult to regulate your thyroid function while taking any thyroid hormone replacement medication, experts recommend that you take your medication consistently, ideally in the morning, at least an hour before any food or drink besides water, and at least three or more hours apart from any supplements, juices or foods that contain iron, calcium, or fiber.

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