Why am I experiencing Nerve Pulling in the Legs?

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nerve-pulling-in-legsNerve pulling in the legs is a common experience among the age group of 50 years and above, the pain is intense during nights. At times individuals between 40 and 50 years also experience this severe nerve pain mainly due to their lifestyle and hereditary health issues like diabetes and obesity.

At the outset, let us understand the term nerve and its influence on human body.  A nerve carries information regarding sensations and also commands for functions. The brain and spinal cord communicates with what is happening in the internal organs and limits by nerve fibers which are like electrical wires with insulation (myelin) and the “copper” (axon). Within brain and spinal cord these nerves connect to other nerves via synapses on both axons and dendrites.

Causes of nerve pulling in legs

Nerve pulling can also be a result of vitamin deficiencies, especially deficiency of Vitamin B and C. The cause can be anaemia i.e low haemoglobin levels. Few individuals who are facing medical problems like blood sugar can also cause nerve pulling in the legs or experience tingling of the nerves. The main is so intense that you will not be able to have a good nights sleep. You will be tossing and turning in bed and remain the entire night.

Few observations are like muscle cramps in the calf muscles, which in turn could be a result of salt or calcium imbalance in the body.

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Recommendations to minimize nerve pulling in legs

  As the famous saying goes,”Prevention is better than cure”. Following modifications are suggested in the food intake to minimize and gradually nullify nerve pulling in your legs.

-Include more of vegetables and fruits, especially leafy vegetables

– Increase the proportion of iron-rich foods like palak (spinach), red kidney beans, chick peas, sprouts, dates, raisins, dairy products, etc.

– Include adequate amounts of vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits (orange, sweet lime, lemon, etc.), gooseberry and guava.

– Avoid very oily or fatty foods and fast foods and mainly

– Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water a day

It is advised to consult a doctor if pain persists. The Medical Practitioner may advise you to take a multivitamin supplement such as  Zincovit, once a day.  Also, having a brisk walk for at least 20 minutes every day will improve the blood supply to the leg muscles and prevent any cramping or pulling sensations.

Health check ups suggested

Doctor may suggest and refer for few blood tests  like haemoglobin levels, blood sugar and thyroid function tests, to check for any possible medical problems which may be causing you these symptoms.

We would also suggest you to do proper warm up exercises prior to going in for long walks or gym exercises  as such symptoms are observed for people and they can avoid nerve pulling in legs

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Major pain observed in the legs are a result of the sciatic nerve which runs down the spine and branches off, like a zipper, down the legs. A common cause of pain is bulging or herniated disc in the spine, which applies pressure to the nerve. The pain of pressure on the sciatic can feel like sharp shocks running down your leg (generally just one at a time) or nagging lower back pain. Sometimes people experience numbness or tingling in the leg, too.

Here are two exercises that can relieve you from this pain. They are : Figure 4 exercise and The pigeon exercise. Do it and see the difference for yourself.

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