How to Overcome Common Summer Health Problems

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how to overcome summer health problemsSummer season is a time for holidays travel and functions. Children look forward for the summer season to come. They will have holidays, a break from the busy school schedule. They enjoy the whole day indulging in activities like playing, attending weddings, getting enrolled in summer classes to keep them occupied and away from the hot sun. The little exposure to the sunrays and heat is sufficient for health problems to develop.

Summer evenings are spent by going out for long strolls , to enjoy the cool breeze. Refreshments are taken and this is another reason to have stomach disorders and miss your vacation fun.

You need to take extra precaution and avoid health hazards. Listed here are the common summer health problems and the precautionary methods to prevent it from occurring.


Sunstroke, commonly known as heat stroke is a serious medical condition that sometimes may turn out life-threatening. In sunstroke, the body’s heat-regulating mechanism fails due to overexposure to high temperature in hot weather. Hence, body’s core temperature rises which can lead to internal body damage. You will observe high body temperature, dry skin, dehydration, confusion, and short-rapid breathing.

To prevent sunstroke, limit your outdoor activities particularly during hottest part of day. Drink plenty of water and juices to hydrate your body. Take time to get adjusted with new weather, so that body’s temperature regulating system gets used to new climate.

Food poisoning

As summer is a time for outing and traveling for children, cases of food poisonings are reported at its maximum. Functions and outing schedules involve eating outside food and drinking contaminated water or road side refreshments. Mostly all these things are prepared under unhygienic kitchen conditions or the environment will not meet standards. High temperature favors fastest growth of bacteria in food stuff and can result in food poisoning.

Always carry drinking water from home. Consume coconut water which is readily available at all tourist places. Sliced cucumber is also cooling. In case of eating or drinking outside, make sure the vendor maintains cleanliness at each and every step of food preparation and serving. Avoid overeating during summer to remain active especially during parties and weddings you will have good food around you.


How to overcome summer health problemsWhen you are out on a sunny day ,water levels in the body decline through sweating and breathing hot air. As the temperature increases externally you feel tired and exhausted. Few people start having headaches resulting in vomiting sensation. Dehydration leads to high chances of heatstroke. Keep drinking water in between to avoid feeling dehydrated. Drink plenty of fluids to maintain body fluid level. Minimize alcohol consumption as it can lead to fluid loss.

Children are affected the maximum as their body is unable to adjust with temperature changes. Your child may become busy with games and will have to be reminded about consuming water  and fruit juices in between the outing schedules.

Skin damage
Summer is the time when sun is the hottest. When you go out on a sunny day you can get exposed to harmful Ultraviolet (UV) radiation . Studies indicate that UV rays cause wrinkles, premature ageing and even skin cancer.

To avoid UV induced skin damage, apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more before going outside and re-apply two to three times in a day to minimize sun exposure.

Wear loose fitting clothes that cover hands and legs entirely . Wear a large hat to cover the back of the neck. People with scanty hair or no hair should be extremely careful to cover their head. A common sight is people visit pilgrim spots and shave their hair as an offering to God.

Eye damage

During summer the sun is hot and there is hot wind blowing around which is dusty too. Strong UV rays in summer leads to eye damage. Wear sunglasses providing 100% UV protection while going outside. Remember to wear sunglasses especially near reflective surfaces like water and while you are driving.

Hair damage

Like the rest of your body, your hair needs some extra attention too. Long-term exposure to the sun can leave your hair, dry and brittle. Oil your hair and scalp twice weekly. Use moisturizing shampoo. Cover your hair with a cotton scarf to avoid split ends.

Prickly heat

how to over come summer health problemsIf your skin is very sensitive and you sweat more due to the hot and humid weather you are prone to have itchy, red rashes that also gives prickly sensation.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating in hot and humid weather gives rise to an itchy, bumpy rash with prickly sensation or sometimes results in small blisters.
Simply keep affected area in cool environment. Bath frequently and wear loose fitting cotton clothes that absorb sweat easily. Use appropriate talcum powder or prickly heat powder to relieve prickly heat. Don’t use moisturizer on affected area as it can prolong rash. If the spread of prickly heat rashes are severe consult the doctor.

Bad odor of sweat Sweating or Perspiration is the body’s natural way to get rid from overheating and keep your body cool. Hot weather increases sweating process and bacterial growth imparts very bad smell to body.

Use cotton clothes as they allow the skin to get enough air. Take bath twice a day with antiseptic soap and change clothes twice a day to prevent bacterial growth. Use deodorant while going outside to suppress bad smell.

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Nose bleeding:

Nose bleeding is a common sight during hot summer . Prevent nose bleeding by covering your head with a cap and your face over the nose with a kerchief or cotton cloth. Avoid hot air coming in contact with your nostrils, as the capillaries will not rupture due to extreme hot air and weather.Do not panic. Press your nostril for 5 mins and sit upright on a chair. The bleeding will stop and you can wash your face and nose to clear the blood.Use ice pack as compress if available.

Fungal infection on Skin

Fungal infection on Skin is the largest organ of the body and skin infections are very common in summer due to the weather and constant sweating. You need to take extra care of your skin due to the spread of summer boils on the body , heat rashes, prickly heat, insect bites, fungal and viral infections can affect the skin. Excessive sweating and moisture create perfect environment for growth of bacteria and fungi. Hence skin infections are more common during summer.

Add antiseptic into water prior to bath. Keep affected area clean, dry, touch up with powder to prevent itching. Avoid scratching and irritating the skin. Revert to Doctor in case the problem is not rectified without causing further damage.

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